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I have approximately fifty different skis, for fifty different conditions. It is a box of bricks inside that would break my back in half if I tried to carry it. I demand a lot of my mind and muscles all summer, fall and winter. I am an entrepreneur of my sport, on a mission to be better than the best.Every winter we put our homework to the test. Sweden’s Jonna Sundling was second with a time of 3:09.42.It was the same position Maubet Bjornsen finished in the 1.2-kilometer classic sprint as part of a three-day Norwegian National that several members of Team USA took part in last week as final preparation for the competition season.

How cool! Skhoop Skirt- I am super excited about traveling with this new piece of clothing, called “the Sadie”. I managed to hang on to 15th, a result that is good, but not what I was capable of that day.

The real “dark horse” event for me.

My skating felt amazing, and my tactics were improving. Unfortunately, part of my job is that I never get to spend quite enough time with loved ones, but they keep loving me despite that, and supporting me along the way.

Cross-country skiing has transformed over the past couple of years. That is both the beauty and the thorn of “the challenge”, and the job I get to do. Pretty proud of this boy!!!! This is a camp where we spend the mornings on skis up at Mt. The Tour de Ski is a beast of its own, and by far my favorite event in this sport! This winter, I decided it was time to try something new, and put some focus to the madness. Sprinting with tired muscles just sounded funny, and I knew I had plenty of practice for that from my summer months of training. Daring yourself to think you can turn around a day later and chase the best is scary.

I have worked extra hard to keep believing in myself as a classic racer through the experience, but that is sometimes my biggest hurdle. You are leaving no room for investment, you are just living by the day. I found out last fall I am allergic to down, so this has become extra challenging to me. Although it wasn’t the original goal I was shooting for, I am darn proud to have achieved that given some of the mistakes I had over the course of seven days. After 2.5k, I headed up the massive climb on the course, and felt my brain click. One of the things that I have learned “with age” is that despite the fact that I have become a regular on the World Cup tour, I can never become an expert.

As I took off in the mass start, I jumped in behind our sports strongest distance skier, Therese Johaug, and found my comfort following. There was also a change in coaching roles, with the previous "women's coach", Matt Whitcomb, changing to "world cup coach", meaning he will now be coaching both the men's and women's team. A group text chain with all my new and old teammates started congratulating me on my podium.

While I had to put a hold on refocusing, I have now allowed myself to open the door again, and I can't wait to work towards some improvements, and see what I can accomplish next season! It is time to keep working hard, and find out!The young guns giving us a run for our money! If there is only an inkling of doubt, it amounts to those precious few seconds that can separate you from podium to twelfth place. What that means is that I push myself for 3-3.5 of these weeks, and then give myself a mental and physical recovery before starting on to the next block.

But when they don’t, I have no chance. Rather than just being a step in my path, I allowed it to be a victory on my path!Celebrating a podium in my final race. Having learned from the sprint that moves have to be made early, I tried to skip the “resting sections”, and double pole while others were tucking, even if it was only going to get me a ten-foot advantage.

Having had a great few weeks of training in Davos, I was feeling great about classic!

Your body stops having the energy to produce that as much, so you show up on the start line laughing, and sort of tripping over yourself. (Nordic Focus photo)For the next 48 hours, I did my best to conserve every last bit of energy, stay out of the sunshine, and get ready for the big 30k war.

I have always thought of it as a good way to force recover my muscles. These past four years, I have done an exceptional job of “doing last year”, but a bit better.

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